Eventually Things Come to an End =(

April 1, 2010

Hey Readers,

Let me start off by quoting from our Guardian 4’s release:
“Either case, I only wish this could continue… Going On! =/”

And now we begin. . .

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I got some sad news to report =(, although I guess this is good news for some.

{Talked with a few staff and close-dedicated fans about this and we have concluded…}

Due to lack of Translators/ Karaoke Typesetters… I thought I would just take this time to announce the disbandment of Hello!Fansubs.

It was a good… hmm 2.85 year run. Never thought we’d last that long due to the numerous things that have occurred in the past.

Still got lots of projects that aren’t completed and just pending translations / karaoke typesetting… But what can we do?

Anyway, as mentioned before… It was a great run to provide subs for everyone and we appreciate everyone that has supported us through our efforts. As well as those who uploaded our works onto YouTube (shyangel1333/dbesthair24(45)/MewLewLew and others).

But that should be fine right? We now got more active groups such as Hyakupa Subs and ICU Subs, and HPS never fails us in putting out spectacular releases!

We were more of just ‘filler’ by doing PV’s and Perfs. With the sprinkle of PB Making of’s and random variety show/ DVD’s, sparingly.

So with that said, we at Hello!Fansubs would like to thank everyone for their support!

As to what we’re going to do with the projects that were pending… hmm, I guess it was just wasted effort without the staff power behind it, what a shame. Unless there are people out there that would like to help out with Translating / Karaoke TS’ing… But… yeah… Never got much luck in those when trying to find new ones in the past. (Doesn’t hurt to try again though)

To sum this all up… PEACE!

Or as Sayu would say… USA-CHAN PEACE!

-H!F Staff

5 Responses to “Eventually Things Come to an End =(”

  1. to spoil the real message
    “april fools”

    happy april fools day H!F but this is a fail attempt 😀

  2. I realized 3/4 of the way through this post it was for April Fools. But for most of it I was pretty shocked. I actually gasped reading this. XD I guess I fall for things too easily. lol.

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  4. LOL. I’m glad this is just an April Fools joke…
    You really had me going here!! XDD

  5. i had a feeling it was a joke but at the same time i wasnt sure!! i was gonna be so sad if that realy is true!

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