C-ute (FC Event) Dai 10 Dan – Cutie Land 2

February 7, 2010

Dear Readers,

An ICU-Subs & Hello!Fansubs Inter-group Collaboration Project.

Hey, He-Hulk here.

I love poetry, and a glass of scotch, and, of course, I love Hello! Project fansubs. I’m sure you’re exactly like me (Except for the poetry and the scotch), so I bet when you see a new H!F release you’re excited, right? Sure you are. And, I bet you’re excited when you see a new ICU release, right? You betcha. So, what happens when you see that H!F and ICU did a project together…?

You very well might be freaking out now. Don’t worry, no one will blame you. This is kind of a big deal.

It’s always very interesting and insightful to see how another group works and compare it to how you choose to do projects. You might think that two groups (who do things differently) working together would lead to conflicts over project decisions, but this certainly was not the case. This project was about as smooth a bit of sailing as one could ask for. Both groups had a lot of fun working on this together, and that easily makes a project like this worth all the hard work and makes the fruits of that work twice as rewarding.

And now a few words about the release itself…

What we have here is a very special release. A fan club event release. A celebration of everyone’s favorite holiday, Christmas, with everyone’s favorite hyphenated idol group, C-ute. Now, you might be asking, “He-Hulk, why do a Christmas release now? Christmas is over.”
Well, my friend, I think the best way to explain it is to quote the immortal words of everyone’s favorite Van Halen lead vocalist, Gary Cherone:

“Christmas always goes too fast
It’s up to us make it last
And all I want for Christmas is C-ute”

Ok, I might be slightly paraphrasing the classic Extreme Christmas song, “Christmas Time Again,” but the point is still made. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas, of course. And what is your favorite thing ever? Cute idols, of course. So, if you could enjoy both of those things all year long, wouldn’t you be a fool not to do so? Yes. Yes you would be. And, not that we need another reason, but all C-ute fans of course remember that Maimi, Mai and Saki all were born in February, so, if you think about it, February, in a manner of speaking, is actually Christmas for C-ute fans.

The “Cutie Land” is Cute’s yearly FC event. It’s always a little bit of everything, and this year is no different. Part 1 is a 40 minute stage play. This performance is actually a sequel to C-ute’s very first stage play. 2007’s” Keru no wa C-ute.” Therefore, all the characters from that play are carried over to this play, and the storyline picks up where the previous play left off. It’s a FanClub exclusive treat for all of C-ute’s biggest fans. And, if you haven’t actually seen the first play, don’t worry; ICU and H!F have watched it and have your back. We’ve gone through this release and put in a few Editor’s Notes where needed to explain some of the background details of the first play, and, of course, made sure to notify you before hand if a note is going to be a really big spoiler to the events in the first play, just in case you ever want to watch it yourself. truthfully though, take note that the first play is three years old and has never been translated into English, so most of you probably won’t ever watch it, and therefore virtually no one should be worried about spoilers, anyway.

Next up in this release is the infamous counting of the fan vote for which C-ute skit would carry over into the future. The vote was between “Cutie Girls” “MC Chisa MC Kappa, and DJ MaiMai,” and a few other classic C-ute skits. I won’t spoil the results for you, but real fans actually did vote in this, and it means a lot to the girls to know which of their bits the fans like best, so it’s fun to watch, no doubt.

Finally, the video is rounded out with a C-ute mini live where all the girls dress up in the most awesome Santa Claus suits around. It’s a treat just to watch them perform for their biggest fans, and they give their all since events like these means a lot to them.

When you add everything together you have a jam packed 90 minutes of idol bliss. You can’t beat C-ute (don’t try!), and you definitely can’t beat C-ute doing a show for their Fan Club, since they are the queens of such events. And, when you combine it with Christmas, Santa suits, and C-ute’s biggest fans, you have a release that is definitely worthy of two fansub groups coming together to bring it all to you.

Happy Birthday to Nakki, Maimi and MaiMai!!!

Translators: AfuroShogun, Lone!Wolf
Song Translations: Projecthello.com, keshigomu, Lone!Wolf
Timers: AfuroShogun, SacredCultivator
Editors: SacredCultivator, He-Hulk, GodsLeftSock, CynicaltheCat
Typesetters: SacredCultivator, He-Hulk
Encoder: SacredCultivator
Special Thanks: Chikka-san

Download it in either XviD or H264.

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