Abe Natsumi – Screen

January 16, 2010

Dear Readers,

Abe Natsumi’s 11th Single!

Hmm, are there still any Abe fans out there?

This was quite long overdue, but we eventually got to it.

This song has quite a catchy tune.

The effects are simple yet soothing and just matches the PV so well.


Translations: Projecthello.com
Timer: Gakisan Fan
Typesetter: Tomo-chan
Encoder: SacredCultivator
QC: SacredCultivator

Download it in either XviD or H264.

6 Responses to “Abe Natsumi – Screen”

  1. Awesome!

    I’m still a nacchi-fan!

  2. Thanks.

    Please, more videos of °C-ute & Berryz Koubu…

    You are the best staff..lol

  3. More fool the man who is not a Nacchi fan. Friggin love Nacchi shes still blessing my cupboard door with her visage. You really should sub her alo-hello’s would love to know what shes actually saying, although if i dont know then i can make it up she just recently told me she loved me in one of her songs. Pleae sub more Nacchi stuff. I will do horrible, terrible, awful, incriminating things to have more nacchi stuff.

  4. @Lindonio: As much as I would like to have more things subtitled of anything, hard to do so with lack of translators =/

    As I can easily ninja any project, but they are worthless if no translators are available to do them. Since we still have a lot of projects that are just sitting there needing a Translator… Estimated of about 10+ projects that are just there pending translations =P

  5. Will be able to translate for you around xmas time and for a while afterwards if your able to ninja them. Had a dabble with aegis subs a while back and failed with some hilarious results. Going to be some major homage to Abe however. Keep up the work in the meantime.

  6. @Lindonio: Hmm Christmas, still a long time from now, so if anything will just need another reminder by then.

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