Guardians 4 – PARTY TIME

December 25, 2009

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Dear Readers,

Merry Christmas!!!

We originally had another project lined up for a Christmas Release, but things happened, and that will be stalled till it is completed.

So to replace that release, here is a smaller one.

PARTY TIME!!! That’s what Christmas is all about, so this suits the occasion well, don’t you think?

Guardian 4’s 3rd Single!

They just get catchier and catchier!

This one rocks!!!

Timing this sucker was fun… Holy crap at those echoing lines…

This is so great, went the extra mile and got all those echoes.

This one definitely took me a greater amount of time to complete.

But in the end, it looks magnificent with sakura’s touches.

Got to love the shabondama’s flying in the back.

So what better way to manipulate that then to use Bubbles!
Along with Balloons!

To match the Green theme even more, even the primary color used is green.

Already awaiting for their next single.


Translators: MaikuBano, TnB
Timers: SacredCultivator, sakuranodaimon
Typesetter: sakuranodaimon
Encoder: SacredCultivator
QC: SacredCultivator, Tomo-chan

Download it in either XviD or H264.

7 Responses to “Guardians 4 – PARTY TIME”

  1. Yay! Merry Christmas H!F

  2. I hate Youtube…
    Each time one of my subscribers tries to view the PARTY TIME subbbed pv they get “This video contains content from TV Tokyo, who has decided to block it.”.
    How am I supposed to upload this release so all my subscribers(and other users) can see it???

  3. @ForeverLove!: No idea… As I noticed that one another YouTuber’s account, but for his, says removed by him.

    I guess TV Tokyo getting a bit more strict on that.

  4. Sadly none of us can upload it. ;_;

  5. I wonder what’s causing that given I do see other versions of it online…

  6. Yeah, I’ve had the Party Time Video for God knows how long, when it first showed up. I would’ve been the first one out for the Full PV of it, but due to that block, it wouldn’t allow me. I really love that song too~ and probably only one from that group I ever will lol.

    Seems it will block people from certain regions. But I’m not sure how they were able to access it so quickly. As you said, others have it up. Dunno, either way I didn’t want to risk too much of it, even though it was such a shame 🙁 Maybe if it was tagged a certain way, they are able to immediately detect it? No clue.

  7. I think their using the words from the tags and the title. It’d probably be easy to block it if it has enough of the words “Guardians 4 – Party Time”

    And for those who want to upload this, try Veoh. They seem to be more lenient on these things…

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