Over 1,000,000 Hits!

December 10, 2009

Dear Readers,

Was bored and just looking at stats and came to realize… We finally hit over a million hits!

1,018,266 to be exact as of this posting.

So what does that mean?

Not much really… Just a big number and many other bloggers post updates when they hit a certain number, so I thought I would do the same.

So here it is ^^

Just a thank you to all the fans that have supported us in our efforts to provide subs for everyone, even through all the rough times that H!F has gone through.

5 Responses to “Over 1,000,000 Hits!”

    1,018,266 is A LOT of views! xD

  2. Felicidades!!!
    That’s indeed a BIG number!

    You guys are the best! ^-^

  3. Stay platinum baby

  4. Nice! congratulations,
    will be expecting the next million in much less time.
    and as always, thanks for all the good work.

  5. congratulations pelo milion

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