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November 7, 2009

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Dear Readers,

I hope you didn’t forget about us during our long long long hiatus, near a month.

But we are BACK-ish!!!

Sorry for the delay, this DVD was just that crazy, it took us much longer than we had planned, as we initially planned to have this COMPLETED on Tuesday… Well you see how long of a delay was made =P

You know that H!F is quite known to do these Alo/Love-Hello! DVD’s, so for fans that have been following us, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you all =P

Ever since the announcement of this DVD, our translators were psyched to get their hands on it as they love their C-ute, oh and one jsut doens’t mind when it comes to Hawaii stuff.

Yes, we’re very very aware that ICU-subs plans to sub this as well and you should grab their version as well, as they did a great job on the Berryz Koubou Alo-Hello!, including the Commentary track. So that’s a nice bonus for you all. Since they go the ‘extra mile’ and sub in everything, you can experience that if you’d like.

But we already planned to do this, so we didn’t want to drop the project especially since we already got the staff willing and so here is ours.

We’re doing this for our own interest and for those that are interested in it.

Technical things first before description.

This was a HUGE DIFFICULT project… If I had to say… This is literally the HARDEST project I’ve ever had to work with, before this one was Sayu’s 20’s time. But this topped it. Never spent so long working on such a project, won’t even mention the hours =P, but the translators and a few close friends know how long/frustrated I was with it. The amount of overlapping is like woah, so don’t expect every line subbed (We just couldn’t get them all, darn their slurring/overlapping ><). But in the end, I got to say, this project I definitely fell in love with so I had tons of fun working on it despite all the ranting I did with a few others.

On-screens.. Well this part got a bit ehhh, for the most part they’re all subbed, but some parts aren’t due to just you should know.
(Lol, if you’re a C-ute fan, you should know who is who =P)
You’ll see what I mean when you watch this.

I went the ‘extra mile’ with some, and hopefully it pays off. Not that it really matters, but don’t expect ‘exact’ effects to assimilate the subs to look like they are ‘part of the video,’ that’s not how we do =P

We went with Color-coding, but you know if you do that, there will definitely be mistakes in assigning the styles, especially with this DVD. It was very hard to even assign styles, as it was hard to tell just who was talking, so either for those the color is wrong, or we went with a default color. Kill us if we slaughtered that part, but just having black for all the members would’ve been ‘boring’, so we tried. You would think it’s ‘easy’ with 5 members compared to 9, but nope, only the more difficult.

Watch the credits till the end… You know me, I try to do my best for matching up credits, so watch it through and give some feedback on how I did on those =P, not many care but it’s these subtle things that I spend most of my time doing.

Description (Brought to you by kai_guy01 and Amakza):
We gladly present you with °C-ute’s long awaited Alo Hello!, this DVD is quite enjoyable because while watching I could feel all the fun the girls were having. As for points to look for:
– Chissa and Nakki are main characters (Airi is surprisingly quiet)
– Each girl sings a little solo a cappella
– They don’t know what island they are in (nor the staff lol)
– Nakki doesn’t know how to say coconut (I was impressed, I thought there used the Japanese as well as the English, plus Coconuts Musume), but drawing skills save the day.

Obviously 5nin °C-ute feels kinda lonely but overall I think this DVD is pretty enjoyable and I’m happy to have helped so that everyone can understand and enjoy it as well (or at least anyone who knows English).

(kai_guy01)[Cap of the 2nd half]
Next up, some fun at the water park. Tons of splashing, swimming and sliding!
The girls think up some nice competitions as well. Haha! Poor Maimi-chan!!

After is some shopping the Swap Meet at Aloha Stadium. Sounds simple right? Nope! All in English! Can the girls correctly buy their item and bring it back? Watch and find out!

Finally, the girls give their thoughts on their first trip to Hawaii. We get a little recap of the events and how each member felt while competing.

And the final results of their big showdown! Just who exactly won?

A very nice ending to summer they don’t want to forget.

The end.

…or is it?…

We get a nice little extra footage of Chisato doing a little prank. The end will have you shocked for sure!

Then, even more extras!!
That’s right, we get a little Making of added in for our viewing pleasure.

Be sure to watch to the end!


Hmmm was bored… okay not really, but we found 2 mistakes that the DVD Staff made. (Can see them in the ScreenShot)
1. 21:21, notice the on-screen for Hagiwara’s sandwich picture, mistake as when it ends, the word ‘sandwich’ remains, but shoudln’t as the picture of the sandwich is gone too.
2. 53:27, the question is valid, but the answer is incorrect, they aren’t on Maui, they are on O’ahu

Translators: kai_guy01, Amakza, SacredCultivator
Lyric Translations: Amakza, kai_guy01,
Timer: SacredCultivator
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

Download it in either XviD or H264.

16 Responses to “Alo-Hello! – C-ute”

  1. Thanks a lot, I was wating for this.
    I was afraid that you didn’t do this, because I’m translating a ICU’s subs and well… it’s kinda hard (it has taken months what it takes me some hours =P), yours are always clear.
    Specially I like that you don’t translate every single sound, that’s not needed and not appreciated at all, it’s just hard to read. Well, that’s my opinion, to much “eh” or “yep” or things like that makes it a little annoying.
    Obviously I thank every sub made (I’m not complaining about ICU, they do a good job) but it’s much better the way you do (again, that’s my opinion).
    Thank you very much for this, I’ll translate this as soon as I can.

  2. @Xacur: Wrong project =P, as int his, I think there are a lot of “Ehh / Yeah / Yay”, cause they do it soooo often in this.

    Thanks for the support ^_^

  3. >>Xacur
    >because I’m translating a ICU’s subs and well
    I’m curious, they haven’t released it yet. Did you get a hold of the script?
    And thanks for supporting us. Although I’m the one that always wants to put that many Ehhs, and yeps orz

  4. Oh nvm, I just didn’t read correctly, you said “a ICU’s subs”….

  5. ^Yes, it’s the Buono! Days’s one. It’s nice, but there are lots of “eh”, “yes”, “oh”, even in the gackground they are subbed. I think it took them their effort to translate every little part and don’t think it’s all that worth.
    I remember with Berryz’s Alo Hello it was no problem, maybe those girls are very quiet XD.

  6. tl;dr

    Just kidding =), nice for you guys to be back-ish 🙂
    It was that hard eh? you doods really were the first on my mind on this.

  7. Thanks!

  8. >>Xacur
    Did you ask them before you started using their translation? For the Buono Days, I mean.
    I guess I don’t know the etiquette when it comes to translating someone elses translation, but is it bad form just to use it without permission?

  9. From H!F translations, it’s a.o.k. as Xacur approached me, but no clue on ICU’s.

  10. >>Crazy4U
    lol, last time I checked fansub didn’t ask for permission to copyright owners to distribute their video, in fact last time I checked they were against it, and had a campaign against fansubs.
    And for the etiquette, I give all the credit for translation and backlink if applicable.
    I myself never ever ask for credit to distribute what I do because I don’t hold any right of that and if I spend time doing this is just because I want, no one pays us or force us.
    If you say so because I’m badmouthing the fansub group, it was not my intension and I made it clear it was just my opinion in how I like the subtitles, that’s all.
    I think we all do it for the girls and their fans, to promote H!P and not ourselves.
    And well, that’s my opinion too XD.

  11. Your analogy doesn’t make much sense. You are using their script to make your script. You couldn’t make your fansub without their fansub. Therefore, it seems like you should at least ask them if you can use it.

    Like I said, I don’t know the etiquette, but you asked Sacred Cultivator and he said yes, why would another group be any different?
    Since you seem perfectly fine using it without permission, what would asking hurt? If they said no, you’d be doing what you are doing already, and if they said yes, then you’d have their approval.

  12. Yaay thanks for doing this :3
    But somehow I can’t play the video on my computer >.<
    Which program do you use to watch it?

  13. @Nono: Which version did you get? If H264, it’s most likely Codec problem, which you can solve via VLC Player. I personally use CCCP (Codec) with the included Media Player Classic.

  14. Thank you so much~

  15. hi, well my problem is that i can’t find the torrent for the video anywhere, the video is deleted in every site i go, i can’t find any trace of the video can you please help me and send the torrent file via email so i can download it with utorrent? my mail is pleaaaasee!!!! i’ve been looking this video everywhere now i’m regreeting that i erased some time ago T_T

  16. Here you go:

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