Utaban (2002.09.26) Matsuura Aya – The Bigaku

October 12, 2009

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Dear Readers,

Message + Description (Brought to you by kai_guy01):

And here’s one of the best Utabans ever… great birthday so far

Project #2.

We start off with Taka and Nakai’s thoughts on when Ayaya first appeared. Seems she does keep coming and coming.

Then, a small talk about Aya’s best friend Fujimoto Miki. Miki has a new nickname? What’s this about bubble baths? Should we be taking notes!?

BEWARE! Yasuda appears again!! Man, she does pop up everywhere…

We get to see who has been guiding Aya along her road to being an idol. Shouldn’t surprise you! And yes, I do think Tsunku-san may be a little stingy… I mean, it only seems fair right?

Then, a little corner where Ayaya gets some help in order to be a super-idol. Aya handles those situations like a pro but it seems Taka-san has different ideas!

Finally, rock-paper-scissors… AYA-STYLE!! It’s super-cute (of course it is…it’s Ayaya!) and Taka-san’s version will have you rolling!


The “(*_*)” is used to ‘censor’ the word that is being said.

Translator: kai_guy01
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Editor: SacredCultivator
Typsetter: asagi
Encoder: SacredCultivator

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  1. Very Cool. Thanks for the Aya boost!

    Love you guys <3 Aya is amazing! thank you

    btw… keep the Ayaya videos coming, please 😛

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