Hello!Morning (2000.04.09) Idol Legends – Mie

September 23, 2009

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Dear Readers,

Sorry for the little break we took, hope you didn’t miss us too much, we were in the midst of preparing our 349/350th releases and forgot to do a 348th =)

As we promised, we would LIKE to start from the beginning and work our way towards the other episodes.

HUGE thanks goes to kai_guy01 for making this one possible.

We get to learn about legs =P

Dang, if you are too ‘big’, they stop feeding you!?

Man we thought Miki slept a lot… Mie only sleeps on average… # hours a day!!! CRAZY

Then we get a little bio on T&C Bombers.
They teach us some of their skills.

But someone doesn’t seem interested… Who can that be?

The teacher from hell? Is strict with Chinese?

Iida finds Chinese to be pointless? And gets called out!

Mie sure had it strict, hopes to not faint during concerts and the staff would tell her to not do so until it was over.

Ouch, after a surgery and performing again, the stitches burst open…

Ballerina Squadron Melon… Oh yes, here they come!

Then as we expect, promo for Pinch Runner, and a letter from Mie-san.


Still looking for a .iso/.vob of the Rika/Sayu PB Making of ^^

Translator: kai_guy01
Timer: SashTheRed
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

Download it in either XviD or H264.

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  1. Thanks so much! Love the H!Ms

    Oh, and what’s up with your RSS feed? It kept giving me an error, and so when I tried to re-add it, it just times out….

  2. The error is: “The feed could not be loaded because the content is not in a known feed format.”

  3. Not 100% sure, but it’s possible that might have an effect due to the malware that is on our site… I don’t know anything about it, but I PM’ed someone that hopefully can help fix this… As I think that’s affecting the RSS feed.

    *Shrugs*: Hates how he doesn’t know much/if any about HTML and stuff.

  4. YAY!!!!
    Thanks a lot guys!!! Love Hello! Morning

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