Hello!Morning (2007.02.18) Draw and Strike!! Actress Spirit Performance Check

September 13, 2009

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Dear Readers,

This release is dedicated in celebration of A-A-AI-CHAN’S Birthday!!!

Had a little help from matsudesuyo8 to get a better RAW of this, so thank you.

Okay… So you thought we completely dropped H!M’s from our tasklist? You’re wrong, here’s an episode that has been PARTIALLY subbed by mm-bbs. But we, well mainly kai_guy and his buddy chose to do it fully

because it’s just an excellent episode.

So for those that enjoyed this episode before with partial subs, now you can fully enjoy it with a more ‘completed’ set of subs. ^_^

Description brought to you by kai_guy01:

The members are divided into two teams and face off against each other in a Actress Spirit Performance Check!

The two teams are assisted by two “comedy legends”…a guy with a huge chin and an old guy that smacks ashtrays on his head. Smiley (Ya…I thought the same thing…)

Their first challenge is a ad-libbed scene in a sushi place. The catch is there’s a surprise in the sushi! Their reactions and comments are hilarious. Even one of the assistants gets a taste! Grin

Their next challenge is a a ad-libbed story based off of various sounds. Very hard to do apparently! The members try super-hard to do their best and what they come up with is pure gold!

The last challenge is a ad-libbed scene involving the contents of a present. The members have no idea what’s inside so you can guess at what the H!M staff has up their sleeves. Hilarity ensues!

Ai-chan get’s a shock in the World Pucci Games! Miki wears a negligee! Osaka dialect galore!


We have another release planned… But sadly… Due to missing lines, not 100% sure if we’ll have it ready in time or not for tomorrow… As this release was initially planned for today, for her ‘real’ b-day (In Japan), and this H!M was for tomorrow (In US).

Translator: kai_guy01
Timer: kai_guy01
Typesetters: kai_guy01
Editor: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator
Special Thanks: asagi

Download it in either XviD or H264.

3 Responses to “Hello!Morning (2007.02.18) Draw and Strike!! Actress Spirit Performance Check”

  1. Actually, it was requested by my friend mainly because of all the Osaka dialect. 🙂


    Happy Birthday Takahashi-san!!

  2. Thank you very much!!! *_* Hello! Morning was full of the epicness! The best way for the girls to show her personalities and give us lots of memorable moments

  3. And even though mentioned that it was partially subbed, I like how people still grabbed ours ^^

    As this episode definitely is a great watch to see their reactions.

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