Morning Musume's America's First Landing Live (2009.09.05)

September 7, 2009

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Dear Readers,

This was a must sub, even with another group having done it.

Had this done and ready for translations 3 hours after Amakza posted his RAW, but had some delays. Hehes talk about working non-stop, was constantly working on this alongside another project, developed some minor hand cramping/pain in my left hand =/, good stuff. And things happened, but it was sorted, so again sorry for the delay in our version.

Anyway, this is a great watch, for both those that attended and didn’t.

Pretty get to go behind the scenes as to what they did when they weren’t in the Expo itself.

Get to see some of the Concert Performances done there.

I do want to caution, we tried to sub everything (Unless it would take up too much room/ we felt isn’t important), but sorta hard and we apologize to some people for the English, as we had a hard time hearing some words, so we might get a few wrong… {Hehe don’t mind the Lyrics =P, you’ll probably pick those out when watching}

Amakza would like to add:
We are compared to the Hollywood sign
Ai doesn’t know who is Zelda and who is Link
LinLin thinks Link looks like Pinocchio

He would also like to say that being part of the ones that gathered the other ones to sing Happy Birthday to Sayumi and Koharu, it was really great watching Sayu’s reaction to this, MM really rocks!!

Hehe, I see many people I got to meet there… And that Happy Birthday part was just win! Thanks Amakza and others that initiated the Singing as that allowed for some of us to get a good view of Sayumi =)

And I know people usually go for the initial subbed release of something and ignore any alternatives of it, but for those that like to compare translations, here’s another project that gives you the opportunity, so I do hope you all enjoy it ^^, as it was great fun working on this along with playing “Where’s *Input name here*”, as I had to watch it a few times to be able to spot myself and others.

But for the sake of it… You can spot both Amakza and I:
SC (Guy in Glasses / white dress shirt): 5:27/13:41/35:17
Amakza (Guy in BRIGHT Yellow shirt, can’t miss him): 00:34/00:37/04:43/38:14


Just gonna take this opportunity to say, it was a GREAT honor to meet up with some of H!F’s fans, and to even have people approach me to say hello, as I know for sure i wouldn’t be able to go, oh snap it’s!!! by face. So going to AX was an awesome experience to meet up with fans and new people, especially Amakza as, he’s been a great help to H!F, and without AX, would’ve never met him ^^

Oh right… Lol, here’s a small shoutout, sorry if I leave you out. And again, AX was well worth the trip because I got to meet you all, remember to those I mentioned, I was having second thoughts of not even attending even after purchasing the Ticket. Thanks to all of you for making it well worth it ^^
(Amakza says hello to you all as well =P)
Andrew M.
Darkhand Guy
Evening Musuko
Hello!Blog guy (Paul)
International WOTA Staff
Lance H.
Melissa S.
Takeo Rey

Translators: Ready2, Amon, Amakza, SacredCultivator
Timer: SacredCultivator
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

Download it in either XviD or H264.

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  2. No problems. ^^ Thank you for the patience.

  3. haha I saw you guys on the clips, you guys looked like you had so much fun! /envy hehe thank you guys for all the subs ^_^

  4. yay! I was waiting for your version guys!
    thank you! <3

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