Kusumi Koharu – Kusumi Koharu (Making of)

August 28, 2009

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Dear Readers,

Here’s Kusumi Koharu’s First PB Making of.

Kusumi is the Country-girl, not Mitsui!

Dang Kusumi sure has changed since this was released.

You get to see a very goofy looking Kusumi

She does some weird leg lifting thingy.

What a klutz, she swings her arms a few times and ont he final one when she uses more power, OUCH!

Then we get to watch her do som eating, and what’s this, she almost drops her food.

Her school PE clothes is just funny, dunno I just find it funny on her, and I think she is better than me at Basketball. Just check out that backwards shot.

Oh no Kusumi is trapped behind glass, save her…

Watch as she blows on a dandelion and it gest all over her face.

Don’t expect many bikini shots and is it just me or are some of those camera’s dirty? Lol you can see like 2 spots near the bottom.


This concludes Kusumi’s PB-ograhpy, that is till Sugar doll is released.

Hmm, not many PB Making of’s to go, just a few more, anyone happen to have any of Abe / Goto Maki / Fujimoto Miki / Kamei Eri’s PB Making of’s (.iso/.vob)? If so please send me a PM, as those are the only members we’re missing.

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Download it in either XviD or H264.

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