Kamei Eri – Love Hello! Kamei Eri in Phuket (Making of)

August 27, 2009

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Dear Readers,

Here’s Kamei Eri’s Fourth PB Making of.

She has arrived in Phuket, Thailand!

Even if she just turned 18 (at the time), she still wants to express her cute side {I don’t think that’ll ever go away as she ages}
^Not only that, but there are some adult expressions as well =)

Watch as she flashes us her pink bikini.

Shots of her posing by a jeep, and you see two locals staring at her.

Then you get a bit of stripping.

Orange is her theme color, and hmmm people saying that bikini’s suit her well?

Moving onto the wet… beach shooting, then to her stringed bikini… don’t get the wrong idea, she re-adjusts herself and tells us about the strings on her bikini.

Shows off her nails that are pink-tipped to match the entire photobook.

Second day of shooting she was told to starve herself… EH!? So she didn’t eat for who knows how long and even longer due to the shooting (I think she dozes off a bit), and then she finally gets to eat and basically goes, “WTF is this!?”

Hmm another pink bikini, and this one looks PHENOMENAL!!!

School uniform time and other girls scope her out.

ELEPHANTS!!! And Eri’s ‘fear’ of them ^^

There is talk about Eri’s thunder thighs, hmm I think the little boy knows of this and checks them out himself to verify.


If you missed her FULL SUBBED DVD of this, you can go and grab it here:
^Brought to you by [EE]

Hmm, not many PB Making of’s to go, just a few more, anyone happen to have any of Abe / Goto Maki / Fujimoto Miki’s PB Making of’s (.iso/.vob)? If so please send me a PM, as those are the only members we’re missing.

2nd Note:
Calling all RAW carriers of Utaban, if you think you can provide RAW’s for us, please PM me about it. Best if you are able to provide a list of your RAW’s as well, that’d be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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