Fujimoto Miki – Alo Hello! Fujimoto Miki (Making of)

August 31, 2009

Dear Readers, Here’s Fujimoto Miki’s Second PB Making of. This is a ‘secret’ making of… What do I mean? I mean there was no official Making of DVD for this, as this was found via her Alo-Hello! DVD as a bonus, so don’t expect much dialog, if any =P You know there isn’t much dialog […]


Tanaka Reina – Reina (Making of)

August 30, 2009

Dear Readers, Here’s Tanaka Reina’s Second PB Making of. Hmm, to be honest, wasn’t much of a Reina fan with her first few PB’s. But her “Reina-like” outfit looks so gangster on her ^^ Look at the flower-scene, can see all the strings that are hanging some of them. Hmm, Reina is spying on… Reina!? […]


Tanaka Reina – GIRL (Making of)

August 29, 2009

Dear Readers, Here’s Tanaka Reina’s Fifth PB Making of. The opening is her talking about her previous PB’s.. not sure why she leaves out her third one though. So you get footage that most have already seen from the previous releases. And she shows us her decorated nails, real ones, not those fake ones Niigaki […]


Kusumi Koharu – Kusumi Koharu (Making of)

August 28, 2009

Dear Readers, Here’s Kusumi Koharu’s First PB Making of. Kusumi is the Country-girl, not Mitsui! Dang Kusumi sure has changed since this was released. You get to see a very goofy looking Kusumi She does some weird leg lifting thingy. What a klutz, she swings her arms a few times and ont he final one […]


Kamei Eri – Love Hello! Kamei Eri in Phuket (Making of)

August 27, 2009

Dear Readers, Here’s Kamei Eri’s Fourth PB Making of. She has arrived in Phuket, Thailand! Even if she just turned 18 (at the time), she still wants to express her cute side {I don’t think that’ll ever go away as she ages} ^Not only that, but there are some adult expressions as well =) Watch […]


Abe Natsumi – sCene (Making of)

August 26, 2009

Dear Readers, Oh my… Spree ended ><, 40 days… Could have made it last, but the last minute project was too last minute and I had to go out and hang out with friends for their b-day… So drats >< Here is to what was awesome, and a great record… And this is the start […]


Utaban (1998.11.17) Tanpopo – Last Kiss

August 24, 2009

Dear Readers, This release marks the 40th Day in our Daily Release Spree ^^ Okay, so the list of unsubbed Utaban ever so slowly gets smaller. This features Tanpopo and concludes the Utabans of 1998 (There were 6 total for 1998, but 3 of those were Performance only appearances) Description (Brought to you by TnB): […]


Takahashi Ai – Watashi (Making of)

August 23, 2009

Dear Readers, A-A-AI-CHAN! Here’s Takahashi Ai’s Tenth PB Making of. Thanks to JFC for pointing out that we missed this one when we thought we finished her Making of’s. So this time, we have truly completed her PB Making of’s… Right JFC? =P For starters, please be warned of the lovely-ness of this as there […]


Shugo Chara Egg! – Minna no Tamago

August 22, 2009

Dear Readers, Well Tomo-chan is back, and to celebrate her return, she has brought us some Egg’s. And let me tell you, I think this is probably our most COLORFUL PV ever! Don’t believe me? Just download it and check it out, it’s just 4 colors really, but the way they are composed makes you […]


Tsugunaga Momoko – Momochiiii (Making of)

August 21, 2009

Dear Readers, Here’s Tsuganaga Momoko’s Fourth PB Making of. Just had to get this one done asap, because it’s Momoko =), was surprised I was able to understand quite a lot in this, but still huge thanks goes to both Ready2 and Amon. She sure is as playful as always. Such a goofball, excellent intro […]