Konno Asami – See you again (Making of)

July 30, 2009

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Dear Readers,

Here’s Konno Asami’s Fourth PB Making of.

Sorry I lied again, our release streak actually continues! It’s a miracle, so that makes this the… 15th day of continuous releases.

Anyway, onto this DVD which is pretty awesome.

Konno talked to the staff about how her name is like a Fox, but they’re dangerous so she’ll just have to settle with a fake one.

Careful now, beware, Konno will FLASH you.

Seems she has never really done ‘risque’ poses as she wasn’t too comfortable doing bikini shots and sexy poses.

She is sometimes serious… Well that’s what she says.

Well, her red dress is nice, small resemblance with actor, Kyoko Fukada

It’s her final PB as part of Morning Musume as she graduates… =/

So it was nice at the end the montage they did, of her pretty much waving good bye, as if it were her last PB.

For those that haven’t seen this PB Making of, this is definitely the one that really shows off her assets, you know her crazy abs of steel!
^Look out for that, it’s mainly during the scene of her and the blue bikini with the hose.


Translators: Amakza, Amon
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Download it in either XviD or H264.

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