Alo-Hello! – Morning Musume Sakura Gumi & Otome Gumi

July 25, 2009

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Dear Readers,

It took me a while to notice that we’re at our 300th release, so I had to quickly work on a grand project in celebration of the big 3-0-0!

Because… THIS IS H!F
(Yes lame joke, lame joke)

And as most of you fans know, H!F has been pretty ‘big’ in doing Alo/Love-Hello!’s and you know that we’ve done Morning Musume’s Second and Third Alo-Hello! but never did one of their first ones, and I know after those releases, there were always comments on doing the first one.

It may not be the ACTUAL first one, but it counts!!!

Yup, lol I had to crank this out almost last minute due to not planning ahead for this.
(Yup spent 10 straight hours working through this… And I think I know why this was never subbed… It’s like NON-STOP dialog, and not to make things worse, a LOT of overlapping dialog… Even for a “Ninja” like me, I got fed up with it, that most of it was actually cut OUT of the original script due to how badly overlapped it was…)

Well the group is split into their Gumi Teams (Sakura / Otome)

The entire DVD is a Dream Tour, what does that mean!?
It means it allows for each member to dream whatever they’d like and if it is ‘possible’ it is ‘granted’ so to speak. So a few members get to have their dreams come true.

As to what each of their dreams are… You’ll have to download and find out if you have not already seen this RAW.
(Sorries, I just don’t want to spoil the fun for you)

Reasons to download and watch this:
-Oh… My… God… 15 MEMBERS!!!
-You get to find out who is really outspoken (at that time)
-Miki is a Horse Whisperer!?
-Tsuji is hypnotized by a horse’s shaving?
-Abe gets really really excited!
-Ogawa is an old man?
-Abs, abs, abs, and more abs (Well I don’t know if that’s a good thing =P)
-Johnson is in it
-There’s more talking of any H!F project ever (I think)
-This has the FASTEST credit roll (at the end) that I’ve ever seen (From a DVD)

Enjoy our 300th Release!

-Color-coding: There might be a LOT of mistakes. As most of the time, the speaker isn’t on-screen and can be hard to distinguish voice.
-I subbed in the English from the natives due to request (And this will be applied to all releases, just mentioning it here)
-Watch till the very end, due to inserting a message for all our fans.

H!F is still looking for interested Translators or Karaoke TS’ers, PM if interested.

HUGE thanks goes out to the staff that has made all these releases possible, wouldn’t be where we are without them ^^

Translators: Amakza, kai_guy01, SacredCultivator
Timer: SacredCultivator
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

Download it in either XviD or H264.

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  2. Woot, thanks for this. I’ve been dieing to figure out what they’re talking about. I dl’ed the unsub version of this months ago, and though I was a bit irritated ‘cuz they were doing so much and laughing and all seemed to be scripted compare to the others after, it was still really good and funny. I can’t wait to watch this with all 15 of them! I wish there were plenty of trips like this when 4th gen and below were still there hehe, thanks again!

  3. Hello! Fansubs Congratulations on your 300th release! I’ll be sure to upload this on youtube.


  4. Many thanks for all the subs you guys have provided!
    I don’t think I would be as big as a fan I am today without you all 🙂

    And congratulations on 300 releases!

  5. This is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!
    thanks a lot for this guys, you’re the best!!!
    and congratulations for your 300th release!!!

    oh! and thanks for sub the english parts too, I’m from Mexico and although my reading in english is good I can’t say the same of my listening, so thank you very much

  6. @Kreuz: It was a big thanks for one of our translators, who’s native from Mexico as well and he suggested for us to translate the English as well, so I did =)

  7. Yay! that’s really cool.
    Give him a big kis- no, give him a big hug of my part better hahaha.
    Thanks again guys!

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