Matthew's Best Hit TV (2003.06.04) Matsuura Aya, Sonim, Yasuda Kei

July 7, 2009

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Dear Readers,

Hmm, didn’t see this one coming did you?

Good LONG Matthew’s for everyone.

The beginnign builds up like crazy with Matsuura’s Segment, but sadly this episode doesn’t show the conclusion of it =)

It mainly set-up Sonim/Yasuda with their “interview” with Keanu Reeves, hilarious nonetheless.

Due to a small request from a fan (You know who you are =P), I added in the English used during the Interview, just incase other language-speaking fans don’t understand English too well, they can look it up… But when it came to overlapping like omg, I removed those.


Highlights (From kai_guy01):
– Ayaya’s Best Hit TV???
– Eternal rivals! Matthew vs. Ayaya!!
– Remi gets all the fun
– Aya always keeps it low
– Actress Yasuda!
– A Hollywood star!
– Yasuda never has any luck
– Did she really do them?

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  1. Thanks for this!

  2. OMG That was awesome, I hope the next part gets subbed to!

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