Takahashi – “I.”

June 17, 2009

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Dear Readers,

EXCLUSIVE: Release made via Direct Download and you can find it either Here, or over at M-C.

N!N has subbed this and will release it via H!O’s Tracker at a later date.

I was stupid and went on and worked on this project solo, and when I was done, that’s when I found out the truth, not gonna mention it… But basically had to can the project… Since I spent so much time working on the Credits, I couldn’t just do that… So I had to call in a HUGE favor from another Translator from another group to help me. Anyone recognize him?

Anyway, this is an exclusive release since there will be NO torrent for it. That’ll be for N!N’s release.

Therefore this will only be released in H264 codec, so if you’re an XviD fan, you can go grab N!N’s version.

The ending, Letter, the subs might go by quickly… it was very hard to get them to all show up at the needed time… So you might want to pause the video. (Huge thanks to sferris for this portion).

There might be a few or many, I don’t know, mistakes/misinterpretations of some lines as sferris and I compared our translations and came up with a lot of mixed translations… So hope you don’t mind those, if you even know where those are =P

It was fun working on this despite the stupid things I did, but it can’t be helped… as everyone’s calling me, and now even ggliff, I’m just a stupid noob that never learns =/

H!F is not held responsible for any possible nosebleeds this release may cause.


If there are missing translations, hopefully it isn’t for a big portion… As I had to do this a few times and HOPEFULLY got them all.. But if not… Ooops >< fail on me.

Translators: takenoko, SacredCultivator
Timer: SacredCultivator
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

2 Responses to “Takahashi – “I.””

  1. It’s great.
    You should release like this more often torrents are a headache and filesharing services are better every day =D
    Well, thanks, I was really looking forward this, this DVD is really great.

  2. “*WARNING*
    H!F is not held responsible for any possible nosebleeds this release may cause.”

    Haha, I love that. Just what exactly I’ve been expecting from Ai-chan. *grin* I knew this kind of lines will rise upon watching the DVD or the photobook.

    Thank you so much for subbing it, and making this a non-torrent. 🙂 Actually, the torrent is kinda slow, so to have this release in a non-torrent version is such a relief.

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